feedback of workshops

Shukun Duan told me there is around 50,000 to 60,000 young people come to visit the Bai Ethnic Group Zha-ran Museum each year since 2015 and there is around 10,000 among them are willing to know how to make zha-ran.

•“We see our museum as a very important workshop to attract young people come to learn. Some of them even build up their own tie-dye studio after learning the technique from our museum.”

Wu Baiyu, the professor in Yunnan University

We always encourage our students to go to villages in China to get inspired with some new ideas and to learn their local traditional cultures. If Chinese tie-dye companies are willing to offer some training opportunities, I would love to recommend my students to go.

HANMIN ZHANG, the owner of Lanxu Zha-ran Textile company in China

Last year, I was invited to be the guest speaker to Open MUJI in Kunming and I organized a small workshop with MUJI to show what is zha-ran technique. It was a huge success.


During my interviews with Duan Shukun, the founder of Chinese Zha-ran National Museum, I realized the museum is not just a place to present the history, the culture and the artworks of zha-ran, but an important platform to interact with visitors and inspire them to learn how to make zha-ran.

A group of students came to visit Zha-ran Museum during Chinese National Days, And they spent a day in the museum to learn how to make zha-ran by themselves.

They wrote down the whole process of zha-ran and their own experience and ideas which is an extremely helpful influence for developing zha-ran culture in the future.