What’s the Real question I want to ask about

During the whole process of figuring out what’s the question I really want to ask and what’s the concern I really devoted for, I started my point from exploring intangible cultural heritages.

In the very beginning, my question was ‘how to keep the intangible cultural heritages alive in our modern world’. This is a big question and so many items are included. Thanks to my tutorials, I kept rethinking about what is the one item I connected most and there could be a chance if I can make a change.

I kept my research going and I finally realized that Zha Ran, the Chinese traditional tie dye in Dali, southwest China is the one I really want to explore more.

Zha Ran is one of the most traditional textile-dyeing techniques in China, which already has over thousands of years history. But due to the lack of marketing promotion and design innovation, Zha Ran is disappearing in our lives.

Compared with the growing market share of African and Indian tie-dye in this fashion world, Chinese tie-dye definitely deserved more opportunity to earn the popularity. So how to make Zha Ran survive and more popular became the question I want to find some answers.

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