Who are my stakeholders

First, I made a list of which area will be related to my stakeholders, then I started to reach out to talk about my ideas, my intervention plans and here is the draft of who responded to me in the past over two months and this could be a good start.


SHUKUN DUAN, the owner of Puzhen Zha-ran Textile company in China

HANMIN ZHANG, the owner of Lanxu Zha-ran Textile company in China

MAZDAK KHOSHDAMAN, Textile manufacturer in LA TEXTILE


AGNE JONYNAITE, the founder of Uped workshops

Fanglu Lin, the designer of Beijing Zha-ran Culture&Arts, ltd


WENDY GARRITY the owner of Textile Trails

Educational Agency

Baiyu Wu, Yunnan University


MATT TRUEMAN, an arts journalist and theatre critic

ZARA KORUTZ , the senior account executive in The Washington Post, specialised in fashion critics


LISA GREGG, the founder at LivingxLG, Limited

YERETH JANSEN, the founder at Gokunming.com


Dali local government

Yunnan Provincial government

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